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Environment, Climate Change and Energy Transition

Duc Khuong Nguyen, Chair Director

The IPAG Chair in Environment, Climate Change and Energy Transition (ECCET) was created in 2016 with a twofold objective: i) to identify the causes of these divergences; and ii) to contribute to the emergence of a new Mediterranean energy partnership. It is part of the European Union H2020 Program for Research and Innovation: “MEDRESET”.

MEDRESET is a consortium of research and academic institutions focusing on different disciplines from the Mediterranean region to develop alternative visions for a new Mediterranean partnership and corresponding EU policies. It aims at designing an inclusive, flexible, and responsive future role for the EU in the region based on the multiple perspectives of local and bottom-up actors.

Led by Dr. Duc Khuong Nguyen, Professor of Finance and Deputy Director for Research, and Dr. Khaled Guesmi, Professor of Finance, the Chair ECCET investigates the cooperation of the countries of the South and North of the Mediterranean on the issues of energy transition. It conducts research projects to evaluate the potential and impact of European policies in the fields of industry, environment and energy. It also examines the functioning of the European carbon market as well as the social, economic and environmental effects of global warming.

Since 2013, the chair organizes International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues (ISEFI) annually aiming to provide academics, policymakers, and practitioners with a valuable forum for discussion and critical analysis of the major issues and challenges that interrelate energy, environment, macroeconomics and financial markets.


French Savoir-Faire

Prof. Maria-Giuseppina Bruna

Chair Director

The Chair aims to analyze the perception that foreigners can have of France as an economic player of globalization. This includes its strengths and its weaknesses, its large companies, its know-how, its specificities, its great successes and more generally the country and its values treated as a business asset and a brand. These ideas about the "country-brand" are measured, quantified, decomposed with foreigners but also with those living in France. The first work of the Chair will focus on this theme based on qualitative surveys conducted by 3rd year students. Approximately 500 of them all spend two semesters abroad while studying at our 130 partner universities in 35 countries. It is up to this army of pollsters to submit questionnaires on the France brand (values, characteristics, assets, limits) to a panel (business leaders, young designers, decision makers). The chair team will be responsible for interpreting them with the help of researchers from IPAG Lab.

This project which is both academic and professional results from the collaboration of distinguished economists, a well-recognized Business School and sponsor enterprises.


Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim, Chair Director

The IPAG Chair of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management (QFRM) was created in 2017 with the objective to firmly anchor modern quantitative finance and risk management methods within the IPAG ecosystem. The research goal of the Chair is to provide state of the art insight on modern financial markets and their relationship to algorithms and big data. At the same time the Chair strives and making the complex area of quantitative finance accessible to students by providing real-life applications.

Led by Dr. Hans-Jörg Henri von Mettenheim, Professor of Finance and Head of the Master of Finance and Markets, the Chair QFRM investigates financial markets in a data-driven approach. With its research, the Chair provides actionable insights in the areas of algorithmic trading and market risk management that are useful for academics and industry practitioners alike.

A strong interest of the Chair is to develop robust systems for algorithmic trading and risk management. It is of importance to strike the right balance between complexity and manageability. Because of this the Chair places a strong emphasis on system design.


Towards an Inclusive Enterprise

Maria-Giuseppina Bruna, Chair Director

Created in March 2016 in partnership with the French Association of Diversity Managers (AFMD), the Chair IPAG “Towards an Inclusive Company” (Chaire “Entreprise Inclusive”) is the first Chair in France articulating research-action, scientific consulting and students’ and top-managers’ training, focused on the challenges, dynamics and tools of inclusion, agility and innovation at work.

The Chair develops and disseminates knowledge, training and best practices on managing diversity, inclusion and organizational agility. It addresses strategic issues regarding CSR and diversity policy driving and implementation, diversity management, ethics of managers and social accountability of organisations.

The Chair develops, in cooperation with AFMD and IPAG Executive Education, a training program for top-executives and managers focused on diversity and inclusion (crossing academic and professional approaches). It serves as strategic partner of the Master-Degree in Management [DMG] led by IPAG Executive Education.

Under the aegis of its Director (that serves as Program Scientific Director), the Chair acts as the academic partner of the “Inclusive & Agile Management Program” developed by the IPAG Executive Education for the OGILVY Group (more than 100 managers and top-executive included in the program). It contributes also to the design and implementation of managers’ programs for CBRE and ADP.

The Chair develops ten action-research and scientific consulting programs on diversity policies, change management and inclusion strategies, in cooperation with its sponsors: the Foundation “Equality Mixity” (and its creating companies AXA, ENGIE, ORANGE and MICHELIN), the CBRE France Group, the CARREFOUR Group, the VYV Group, the AGEFIPH (French National Agency in charge of Inclusion of Disabled People at work).