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Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation and Performance

Prof. Adnane Maalaoui, Director

Prof. Andrea Calabrò, Director

We have created the EDIP chair "Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation and Performance", which aims to set up research focused on issues in the field of entrepreneurship, family business, digital innovation and SME performance. The EDIP chair develops European projects on the entrepreneurship issues of disadvantaged groups, in particular prisoners, senior citizens, people with disabilities etc., and how entrepreneurship can help these groups achieve social and economic inclusion. The chair is also interested in the performance issues of SMEs and the impact of digital innovation on their processes.

Finally, the EDIP Chair proposes to understand at the macroeconomic level the stakes and impact of entrepreneurship on public policies in OECD countries. The organization of conferences as well as participation in European projects will help to establish the reputation of the IPAG Business School's "Entrepreneurship and Family business"


Andrea Calabrò

Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship


Vincent Dutot

Professor of Information Systems


Adnane Maalaoui

Professor of Entrepreneurship


Issam Mejri

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Julia Vincent-Ponroy

Associate Professor pf Management of Information Systems



  • Scientific research on entrepreneurship, family business, SMEs and digital innovation
  • CEFAIRE: A project coordinated by IPAG seeking to help adult victims of domestic violence become emancipated through entrepreneurship
  • ICSB 2021 conference • AEI 2021 conference
  • DIANA2021 conference • CIFEPME2021 conference
  • Implementation and management of European projects




Dr Adnane Maalaoui

Professor, Director of IPAG Entrepreneurship and Family Business Center.  a.maalaoui@ipag.fr.

Dr. Andréa Calabro

Professor, Director of IPAG Entrepreneurship and Family Business Center. a.calabro@ipag.fr.