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French Savoir-Faire

Prof. Maria-Giuseppina Bruna

Chair Director

The IPAG Chair 'French Savoir Faire' calls for a reinvestigation of the relationship between the firms’ business development and the features of the ecosystems in which they operate.

The Chair aims at rethinking the embeddedness of economic issues in the social pattern (here understood in its widest latitude, including institutions, cultural and legal frameworks, social dynamics endogenous to the system ...). In this respect, the Chair places the diagnosis of territorial socio-economic assets and, therefore, the relationship among companies and ecosystem at the heart of its heuristics.

The 'French Savoir Faire' Chair benefits from the support (moral and financial) of the mutualist company KLESIA.

Scientifically speaking, the Chair aims to analyze the perception of the French brand in the world. And that, at a time when the French Touch is struggling to acquire a clear, distinctive, attractive and reassuring brand identity. To achieve this goal, it adopts an interdisciplinary, dynamic and comparative focus.

As a chair of research, civic awareness and societal influence, "French Savoir Faire" manages, through the tools of critical distancing, to re-examine the national narrative from a business point of view, by identifying the interplay contributing to shape an image (often fragmented and unfinished) of French know-how.

Thanks to an annual data collection campaign (by questionnaire) among a thousand foreign decision-makers and entrepreneurs, mediated by IPAG’s 3rd year expatriation students, the Chair is developing a "Barometer of the perception of French Savoir Faire” aimed at decrypting the image of the large French companies as well as the SMEs and VSEs throughout the French territory.

Created on the initiative of Dr. Guillaume Bigot, Director General of the IPAG Business School, and of Dr. Franck Dedieu (journalist, former Professor at the IPAG and current Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Marianne), the Chair is now scientifically led by Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna (Director of Ethics, CSR and Social Research at IPAG Business School), assisted by Dr. Abderrahman Jahmane (Assistant Professor of Management at the IPAG Business School and Methodological Advisor of the Chair).


Maria-Giuseppina Bruna

Full Professor of Management


Abderrahman Jahmane

Assistant Professor of Management



The Chair extends a long tradition of public interest launched in 1965 by the founder of IPAG, Jacques Rueff, economist and academician. Mandated by General Charles de Gaulle, he participated in the renewal of French industrial landscape. Today, the necessity to adapt French economy to a new technological environment arises again. With this Chair, IPAG Business School has decided to meet the challenge with its partners willing to reconcile performance, equity and civic engagement.

Jean Hérvé Lorenzi

President of Cercle des Economistes

François-Xavier Albouy

Research Director

Chaired by Jean Hérvé Lorenzi, President of Cercle des Economistes, the Chair is supported by the endowment fund of IPAG Business School, strongly engaged in research (around 120 scientific publications per year that makes the school the third laboratory of Grandes Ecoles de Management in France taking place in Shanghai Ranking). The Scientific Team of the Chair will be directed by Franck Dedieu, Researcher at IPAG Business School, who will lead the Scientific Direction together with Dr François-Xavier Albouy, Research Director.


Prof. Dr. Maria Giuseppina BRUNA

Director of the IPAG Chair “French Savoir Faire”. Full Professor of Management and Director of Ethics, CSR and Social Research of the IPAG Business School Group