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Towards an Inclusive Company

Maria-Giuseppina Bruna, Chair Director

Founded in 2016 and since then chaired by Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna, the IPAG Chair 'Towards an Inclusive Company' is an interdisciplinary platform for action-research, expertise, training and scientific dissemination, which is aimed at exploring the cross-cutting issues of agility, inclusion and innovation at work.

Benefiting from the support of some fifteen Corporate sponsors and partners, the Chair manages and conducts a dozen action-research programs to enlighten the companies in their strategic choices, their societal commitment and their organizational changes. The Chair aims at contributing to the economic viability, the social acceptability and the environmental sustainability of the firms’ business models. The Chair puts the quest for meaning, efficiency and resilience at the very heart of its heuristics.

As a partner of the French public authorities, it investigates the future of jobs, organizations and management, and investigates the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the corporate strategy and practices. Rooted in the socio-economic world, the Chair pays particular attention to the incubation, empowerment and optimization of inclusive networks (or communities of change leaders), understood as the antechambers of tomorrow's companies and laboratories for a new style of leadership: situational, shared, learning, agile and inclusive, as well.

The Chair weaves ties among its areas of expertise, for example by studying the links between optimizing talent detection and development systems (in a VUCA context) and the implementation of inclusive networks, or by exploring firm’s forecasting with regard to agility, inclusion and innovation.

The Chair benefits from the sponsorship of thirteen great organizations: o the Foundation Égalité Mixité (and its sponsors AXA, ENGIE, ORANGE, MICHELIN),

  • the CBRE Group France,
  • the TOTAL Group,
  • the MICHELIN Foundation,
  • the Group VYV, leader of the French mutualist market (and previously MUTEX),
  • the AGEFIPH (Association for the management of the fund for the professional integration of disabled people),
  • the IFEC (majority union of the Chartered Accountant profession) in the framework of a partnership with the VYV Group and the Chair,
  • the FNCS (Federation of Energy Executives and Managers).

Among its older partners, it is worth mentioning CARREFOUR Group and OGILVY France. As a strategic partner of the French Association of Diversity Managers (AFMD), the Chair cooperates with the Foundation Acting Against Exclusion (FACE), the National Association of HR Directors (ANDRH). The Chair’s team counts 10 IPAG permanent teacher-researchers and an international network of about twenty researchers and associated experts (including Mr. François Bellami, lecturer-researcher expert in disability and leadership). Dr. B. Ben Lahouel and Dr. A. Jahmane serves as Chair’s senior researchers and experts in methodology.


Béchir Ben Lahouel

Assistant Professor of Management


Tristan Boyer

Professor of Economics


Andrea Calabrò

Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship


Vincent Dutot

Professor of Information Systems


Laurent Giraud

Affiliate Research Fellow


Manel Guechtouli

Associate Professor of Information Systems



Conference ‘Diversités d’été” (Summer University of Diversity), organized, Chair IPAG “Towards an Inclusive Company” / Les Voix de la Paix, Paris, July 2018.

Conference “Social Responsibility of Companies and engagement of citizens-employees, organized by the Chair, the VYV Group and the ANDRH, in partnership with AGEFIPH, June 2018.

Conference “Towards an inclusive enterprise”, Paris Wine Business Club, Paris (Bristol Hotel), December 2017.

European Congress of EAPM (European Association of Personal Managers), Paris, Economic, Social & Environmental Council, October 2017 [ The international round table of the conference focusing on «Diversity & Inclusion» was chaired by Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna]

The ANDRH PACA / AIDP Liguria-Piemonte conference “The new territories of HR Management”, Nice, October 2017 (in the framework of the IPAG Nice/ANDRH PACE partnership led by Dr. Marie-José Scotto and the IPAG Nice Research teams),

Round table “CSR: a profitable concept?”, organized by the Chair in cooperation with the International Institute of Social Audit, in synergy with the Research Teams of the IPAG Campus in Nice, the European Chair of Collaborative Economics of IPAG and EMEDIO Consultancy Group, Nice, July 2017.




Prof. Dr.  Maria Giuseppina Bruna

Director of the IPAG Chair ” Towards an Inclusive Company “, Full Professor in Management, Dean for Ethics, CSR and Social Research at the IPAG Business School. ’
E-mail: maria-giuseppina.bruna@ipag.fr