» 4th International Family Business Research Forum
04 Apr 2019
4th International Family Business Research Forum

International University of Monaco 


IPAG Business School

The aim of this Forum (with its fourth edition) is to try to reconcile the interplay of negative and positive views  within and between the family and the business system. In this way, future research should aim to better explain when the positives and negatives above are likely to occur, and under what conditions. In this way, the Forum will aim to address questions such as:

  • What  are  the  underlying  unexpressed  research  questions  that  may  help  to  move  the  field  one  step  further while considering both the business family and family firm perspective?
  • What kind of theories should we
    use to explain the behavior and identity of business families and family firms?
  • How can we capture the heterogeneity of business families and family firms?
  • Which new methods should we explore?
  • Which are the contributions we should disseminate among family owners, managers and business families?

Therefore, we  invite  submissions  from  the  international  family  firm  research  community,  to  discuss  together  the state  of  the  art  of  the  research  on  family  firms  and  have  the  opportunity  to  collect  feedback  and  insights  on  how to develop the ideas presented in the Forum for leading international journals.

Call for Papers-Proposals – 4th IFBRF – 4-5 April, 2019 – Principality of Monaco