» Antonio Botti

Antonio Botti

Affiliate Research Fellow


2002: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Salerno, Italy

1999: Ph.D. in Public Governance and Government, University of Salerno, Italy

1992: Business Administration, University of Salerno, Italy

Research Areas

Entrepreneurship, Public management and Health care management, Tourism management

Teaching Areas

  • Business Management
  • Public Management
  • Business Planning
  • Humane Entrepreneurship
  • Health care management


Email: : abotti@unisa.it

Antonio Botti. PhD, is an Associate Professor of management at the University of Salerno. He is member of several committee, in particular he is: Associate Editor for Journal of Small Business Management (Print ISSN: 0047-2778 – Online ISSN: 1540-627X), Associate Editor for Journal of the International Council for Small Business (JICSB) (Print ISSN: 2643-7015 Online ISSN: 2643-7023), member of the Editorial Board of Science Journal of Business and Management (ISSN Print: 2331-0626 ISSN Online: 2331-0634), member of the Editorial Board of Open Journal of Economics and Commerce (ISSN 2638-549X), member of Editorial Board of Mecosan (ISSN 1121-6921).

Prof. Botti coordinated several research projects since 2006. His research interest focuses on entrepreneurship, tourism management, performance evaluation, public management and consumer behavior in the areas of tourism, technology, innovation and education. Since 2007 he regularly holds lessons in doctoral and master courses. His business experience includes management consulting and market research in the agri-food industry in Italy, in destination management and in local development. He has been widely involved in the supervision of Masters and PhD dissertations across several research areas. Since 1993, Prof. Botti is chartered accountant and business consultant.

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Since 2015 : Associate Professor of Business Management,  University of Salerno

2005-2015 : Researcher, University of Salerno

2003-2004 : Assistant Researcher, University of Salerno

1999-2000 : Lecturer, University of Salerno