» Carmen Gallucci

Carmen Gallucci

Affiliate Research Fellow


1998: PhD in Management, University of Cassino, Italy

1992-1993: Master in Economics, University of Salerno, Italy

1987-1988: Scientific High School, Salerno, Italy

Research Areas

Family Business, Corporate Finance, Social Finance

Teaching Areas

Corporate Finance, Family Busines Governance, Financial Analysis and Valuation


Email: cgallucci@unisa.it

CARMEN GALLUCCI is Associate Professor in Corporate Finance (SECS P/09) at the University of Salerno – Department of Business Sciences – Management & Innovation System (DISA-MIS) where she holds the courses in Corporate Finance (10 credits) , Financial Analysis and Company Evaluation (10 credits), Family Business Governance (English) (10 credits) and Subsidized Finance Projects Laboratory (3 credits).

She holds the National Scientific Qualification for the role of Full Professor in Corporate Finance (SECS P/09).

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Gallucci, C., Santulli, R., & De Rosa, M. (2017). Finance in family business studies: a systematic literature review. International Journal of Business Administration8(5), 11-27.

Gallucci, C., Santulli, R., & Colombo, A. (2016). How do’family affairs’ affect firm’s stock price? An application on an exploratory case study. International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting8(3-4), 319-333.

Gallucci, C., Santulli, R., & Calabrò, A. (2015). Does family involvement foster or hinder firm performance? The missing role of family-based branding strategies. Journal of Family Business Strategy6(3), 155-165.

Capasso, A., Gallucci, C., & Rossi, M. (2015). Standing the test of time. Does firm performance improve with age? An analysis of the wine industry. Business History57(7), 1037-1053.

Gallucci, C., Marino, V., Montera, R., & Gentile, G. The International Marketing Business Model of Long-Established Family Businesses: familism and determinants of internationalization.

Gallucci, C., & D’Amato, A. (2013). Exploring nonlinear effects of family power on the performance of Italian wine businesses. International Journal of Wine Business Research.

Scientific Director of Family Business Observatory, University of Salerno, Italy Since 2010: Professor of Corporate Finance, University of Salerno, Italy 2005-2010: Associate Professor of Management, University of Salerno, Italy 2001-2005: Assistant Professor of Management, University of Salerno, Italy 1991-2001: Research Fellow, University of Salerno, Italy