» Chaden Diyab-Marc

Chaden Diyab-Marc

Research Assistant


2000-2005: Ph.D. in Environmental Science honorable mention degree

1999 -2000: MSc- DEA Chemical engineering, organic petroleum

Research Areas

Green Innovation Application, Sustainable Management of Industrial risk, Pollution management

Teaching Areas

Innovation and sustainable development, Technology transfer, Environmental management system and climate change, Strategy of innovation and technology transfer, International negotiation and geopolitical influence in international environmental project, Fund your project by international financer


Email: c.diyab@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris

Dr. Chaden Diyab has a solid experience in technology transfer related to Green-technology innovation management, she was worked extensively on technological and environmental issues in Europe and the Middle East since 16  years  (risk management and impact studies of innovative technologies, …). As Chemical engineer, she also earned a Ph.D. in environmental sciences from the University Pierre and Marie Curie [Paris, France]. She has worked for international companies in the infrastructure and environment sectors, in which she was responsible for defining the technical strategy, business and partnership development.  Dr. Diyab provides training to the industrials and French bodies of economic development. She participated in the Middle East as project manager in the management of a coastal oil pollution in Lebanon. Moreover, she also contributed to the establishment of a green technology development for the treatment of water pollution and soil.  She has worked in MENA region for training 40 local industrial high-level officials on better environmental, energy and waste management practices.  Dr. Diyab is an expert member of the OECD’s working group “MENA-OECD Business Council on issues related to energy, infrastructure and climate change in the MENA region. She is working for “European Commission” as  Technical Advisor .   She Obtains two international prices in technology and innovation in Sino-French Competition and Chanhui Coup in December 2014, she is also selected by China Government as an elite oversea by Shaoxing plan 330 in March 2015.  She has worked aloes as European Scientific Officer for European commission related to climate change and food security. She is also coach and trainer in SME instrument program H2020 for European Commission for SME  since 2014 …..

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2016 Technology Transfer for Emerging Countries Filier 3e , Transfert technologique : être en mode maker pour aider les pays émergents face au changement climatique, https://www.filiere-3e.fr/2016/05/20/transfert-technologique-etre-mode-maker-aider-pays-emergents-face-changement-climatique/

2014-2020: PWC Luxembourg and European Commission, certified coach for business and strategy   in the framework of H2020 programs and Blue Fund

2014-2017:  Professor SUP biotech innovation management

2013-2014:  Project Director – Ecole Central Paris-Pékin Green innovation in Smart City

2018-2020: GAC Senior Consultant and coach

2017-2018: European Scientific Officer European Commission related to climate change policy and food security

2017: Until now Formation Environment Trainer and coach

2009-2017: IES EMEA Manger Research and development projects related to innovation

2008-2009: Business developer Director

2006-2008: ANTEA project manager polluted sites management

2000-2004: Biomco Researcher Development of a method for phytostabilisation in polluted site