» Chiraz Ben Ali

Chiraz Ben Ali

Affiliate Research Fellow


2008: Université Paris-Dauphine: PhD – Dauphine Research in Management (DRM) – Accounting

2002: Université Paris-Dauphine: Master in Accounting – Research

2001: IHEC Tunis: Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (Maîtrise des sciences et techniques comptables et financières)

Research Areas

Corporate Governance, Auditing

Teaching Areas

International Accounting Principles, Financial Analysis, Financial Management, Financial Accounting


Email: chiraz.benali@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris

Chiraz Ben Ali is a Researcher and Professor of Accounting and Management Control a IPAG Business School and is also Chair of the Accounting Department. She holds a Ph.D. in Accounting from Paris Dauphine University as well as a master’s degree in Accounting from Paris Dauphine University. Prior to teaching at IPAG Business School, Chiraz Ben Ali taught Accounting and Financial Analysis, among other courses at ESC Amiens and was a lecturer in Accounting at HEC Paris, Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne and Paris Dauphine University. She has been published in many peer-review journals such as European Accounting Review, Management International and the Journal of Applied Business Research and has participated in a number of conferences on the topics of accounting, international business and corporate governance.

BEN ALI Chiraz, BARROSO Raùl, LESAGE Cédric; « Blockholders’ ownership and audit fees: the impact of the corporate governance model », European Accounting Review Forthcoming http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09638180.2016.1243483.

BEN ALI Chiraz, TEULON Frédéric; « CEO monitoring and board effectiveness: resolving the CEO compensation issue », Management International, forthcoming.

BEN ALI Chiraz (2014) « L’impact des attributs du conseil d’administration sur la rémunération du dirigeant », Gestion 2000, 31(4), pp.133-153.

BEN ALI Chiraz (2014) « Corporate governance, principal-principal agency conflicts, and disclosure », Journal of Applied Business Research, 30(2), pp 419-432.

BEN ALI Chiraz, LESAGE Cédric (2014) « Audit fees in family firms: evidence from U.S. listed companies », Journal of Applied Business Research, 30(3), pp. 807-816.

BEN ALI Chiraz, LESAGE Cédric (2013) « L’auditeur face aux conflits d’agence : Etude des déterminants des honoraires d’audit en France », Comptabilité Contrôle Audit, 19(1) pp. 59-89.

BEN ALI Chiraz (2013) « Qualité de la publication financière et mécanismes de gouvernance en France », Management & Avenir, 61(3), pp. 109-128.

BEN ALI Chiraz, LESAGE Cédric (2013) « Audit pricing and nature of controlling shareholders: Evidence from France », China Journal of Accounting Research, 6(1), pp.21-34.

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BEN ALI Chiraz, TRABELSI Samir, GETTLER-SUMMA Mireille (2008) « Disclosure quality and ownership structure: Evidence from the French stock market », Journal of Corporate Ownership & Control, 5(2), pp. 466-480.

Since 2013: Director Master in Accounting and Management control, Chair of the Accounting Department.

2009-2012:  Assistant Professor, Amiens Business School.

2010-2012: Assistant Professor, IHEC Carthage.

2002-2008: Lecturer, University of Paris-Dauphine.