» Claudia Pongelli

Claudia Pongelli

Affiliate Research Fellow


2015: LUISS University: Ph.D. Management
2011: LUISS University: MSc. in General Management
2008: LUISS University: Bachelor Degree in General Management

Research Areas

Family Business, International Business

Teaching Areas

Strategy, General Management, International Business, Family Business


Email: c.pongelli@ipag.fr

Phone: +39 3334874071

Campus : Nice

Claudia Pongelli is Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Business and Management – LUISS University (Rome) and Affiliate Research Fellow at IPAG Business School (France). She holds a Ph.D. in Management from LUISS University. Her research focuses on international and strategic decision-making in family firms. She serves as reviewer for various international journals and conferences in the field. In the last two years she has published, among the others, on Small Business Economics, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Family Business Strategy.

Pongelli, C., Sciascia, S., & Minola, T. (2019). “Do we really want to cut out the deadwood? Family-centered noneconomic goals, restructuring aversion, and escalation of commitment”. The Palgrave Handbook of Heterogeneity among Family Firms. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Drago, C., Ginesti G. Pongelli C., Sciascia S. (2018) Reporting Strategies: What Makes Family Firms Beat Around the Bush? Family-Related Antecedents of Annual Report Readability. Journal of Family Business Strategy, in press.

Pongelli C., Calabrò A., Basco, R. (2018) Family firms’ international make-or-buy decisions: Captive offshoring, offshore outsourcing and the role of home region focus”, Journal of Business Research, in press

Pongelli, C., Caroli, M. G., & Cucculelli, M. (2016) Family business going abroad: the effect of family ownership on foreign market entry mode decisions. Small Business Economics, 47(3), 787-801.

Pongelli, C. “L’impresa familiare” in Fontana F., Caroli M. (2017) Economia e Gestione delle Imprese, McGraw Hill, Milano.

Caroli, M., Cucculelli M., Pongelli C. (2015) Imprese familiari ed entrata nei mercati esteri: il ruolo del coinvolgimento della famiglia nel business, L’industria, 1, pp. 93-110.

Pongelli, C., Valentino, A. (2013) Dolphin becoming shark: Agency problems in family firms during succession, Academy of Management Proceedings.