» Ilaria Dalla Pozza

Ilaria Dalla Pozza

Professor of Marketing


2006: Ph.D. in Marketing Strategy, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

2002: Master’s Degree in Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Research Areas

Multichannel Management, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing in Insurance Industry, Insurance Industry

Teaching Areas

Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Experiential Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Multichannel Management


Email: ilaria.dallapozza@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris

Ilaria Dalla Pozza is Professor of Marketing at IPAG Business School, where she is in charge of developing research activities for marketing in the banking and insurance industry. She holds a PhD in marketing from Politecnico di Milano. Prior to joining IPAG, she was Assistant Professor at University of Connecticut (USA) and Associate Professor at EMLV Paris. Ilaria develops research in the fields of multichannel management, Customer Lifetime Value, customer relationship management. She is the founder of the Association for Insurance Marketing, an international network of researchers in marketing in the insurance industry.

She is a speaker on topics of marketing in the insurance industry and she organizes the annual ICMI conference (International Conference for Marketing in the Insurance Industry) and the AssurMarketing conference for professionals in the field. Her work has been published in Journal of Retailing, Journal of Strategic Marketing, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, European Journal of Marketing.

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2013- 2016: Organization of the Assurmarketing annual conference for professionals in the insurance industry

Since 2013: Research conducted in collaboration with companies and directors of major French insurance companies

2011: Research contract with ORANGE FRANCE: “Multichannel Management gets social”

2009: Visiting Professor at INSEAD, France

2006 – 2008: Assistant Professor at University of Connecticut, USA

2006: Senior Customer Operations Specialist, Vodafone, Milan, Italy

2005: Visiting Professor at London Business School, London, UK

2004: Research Analyst, Peppers and Rogers Group, leading consultancy company in Customer Relationship Management, London