» Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Full Professor of Strategic Marketing & Business Intelligence


2012: Ph. D. Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

1996: MBA. Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.

1995: BBA. Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.

1985: Associate in Arts Degree. South Florida Junior College, Florida USA.

Research Areas

Competitive Intelligence Public Support Programmes for SMEs

Teaching Areas

Strategic Marketing, Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Management


Email: j.smith@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris

Jamie Smith leads the International Accreditations at IPAG Business School and teaches Strategic Marketing and Business Intelligence as a Professor. He earned his PhD at De Montfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom. Before his academic career he had created a successful SME in Florida USA. He has taught in Executive MBA programmes in Finland, France, Czech Republic, Egypt and Bahrain. His research is focused on Competitive Intelligence public support programmes for SMEs. He has published in the Journal of Strategic Marketing and International Management. His research has notably been presented to the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the French Senate.

Refereed Journal Articcles (AERES/CNRS Selection):

Smith J.R., Wright S. and Pickton D.W. (2010). Competitive Intelligence programmes for SMEs in France: evidence of changing attitudes. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 18(7), 523-536.

Larivet, S.; Smith, J.; Wright, S. (2016). Developing a typology of competitive intelligence proficiency: The case of French SMEs and Funded Intervention Programs. Management International, 20(2), 119-133.

Teulon, F., Alavoine, C., Fischer, B. & Smith, J. (2016). Tenir le haut de l’affiche: les fusions, nouveau défi pour les Business Schools françaises? La Revue des Sciences de Gestion, (5) 281-282.


Conference Proceedings:

Smith J., Larivet S. and Wright S. (2014) Assessing the significance of Competitive Intelligence terminology in the field: power and influence in the world of words. In: ICCMI Conference, Athens, 18-20 June.

Wright S., Wightman, A. and Smith, J.R. (2014) Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end: an exploratory study into how consumers derive (and drive) their future from their past. In: ICCMI Conference, Athens, 18-20 June.

Smith, J.R., Wright, S and Larivet, S. (2012) Public Policy Initiatives for French SMEs: Accelerating Competitive Intelligence Proficiency, International Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Dublin, 7-9 Nov.

Smith, J.R., Wright, S. and Pickton, D.W. (2011) Competitive Intelligence Attitudes, Effectiveness and Constraints: Does Size Matter? Academy of Marketing, Liverpool University, 7-9 July.

Smith, J.R., Wright, S. and Pickton, D.W. (2010) Competitive Intelligence as Public Policy in France: Making a Difference in the SME Sector, Academy of Marketing, Coventry University, 7-9 July (Won the Best Paper in Track Award).

Smith J.R., (2009) Competitive Intelligence in SMEs: A Literature Review and ResearchAgenda. In: Academy of Marketing. July, 7-9.

Hudson S. and Smith J.R. (2008) Assessing Competitive Intelligence Practices in a Non-profit Organization. In: Colloque européen d’intelligence économique: “Approche comparéedes pratiques. Tendances et évolutions”, 27-28 mars, Lisbonne, Portugal. Tours: Groupe ESCEM, Université technique de Lisbonne, 2008, 20 p.

Since 2016: Director of Accreditations. IPAG Business School.

2015 – 2016: Associate Dean. INSEEC Business School, Bordeaux.

2010 – 2015: Director of Grande Ecoles Programmes/ ESCEM, Poitiers.

2001 – 2004: Launched training company ITC. Paris

1995 – 1996: Marketing Assistant. ICL (Fujitsu), Finland

1985 – 1991: Owner/Manager SME. Florida, USA