» Marc Rivault

Marc Rivault

Lecturer of Management


2015:  Management and Diversity Certificate, Paris-Dauphine University, France

2016:  Master 2 in Human Resource Management, IAT de Poitiers, France

Research Areas

Diversity & nondiscrimination Policies, Diversity Management & Inclusion at Work, Gender mainstreaming & Intersectionality, Social Network Analysis, Transformation of the Organizations, CSR & Responsible Management

Teaching Areas

CSR and Innovation Management, Diversity Management, Inclusive Management, Management of Human Resource, Sociology of Networks


Email: :    m.rivault@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 6 64 19 48 82

Campus: Paris

Lecturer at IPAG Business School, Marc Rivault is also social innovation & inclusion manager at the direction of Ethics & CSR Strategy and Research and expert advisor within the Chair IPAG “Towards and Inclusive Company”.

Before joining IPAG, he was project manager, then member mobilization manager at AFMD, a French association of diversity managers where he worked with a network of professionals, researchers and institutions on different themes such as nondiscrimination laws and policies, diversity management, communication, responsible purchasing, diversity labeling and gender and origins issues.

His research revolves primarily around nondiscrimination Policies, diversity management & inclusion at work, gender mainstreaming & intersectionality and social networks.

As social innovation & inclusion manager, he contributes to the implementation of the IPAG’ diversity & inclusion policy and represents our Business School at the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, participating in handicap and gender mainstreaming working groups.

Aude SEURAT & Marc RIVAULT (2018), Communiquer sur la diversité : conjuguer politique handicap et dialogue social, AFMD.

Maria Giuseppina BRUNA & Marc RIVAULT (2016/2), Constituer et animer des réseaux diversité comme (source d’) innovation managériale, Questions de management.

Marc RIVAULT (2016), La diversité dans les achats, une source de performance durable, AFMD.

Since 2017: Member Mobilization Manager, AFMD, France

2011-2017: Project Manager, AFMD, France