» Massimiliano Vesci

Massimiliano Vesci

Affiliate Research Fellow


2000: Ph.D., the University of Salerno, Italy
1994: B.A., the University of Salerno, Italy

Research Areas

Entrepreneurship, Family Businesses

Teaching Areas

Management, Leadership & Organizations, Strategic Entrepreneurships


Email: mvesci@unisa.it 
Phone: +39 345 1190548

Ass. Prof. Massimiliano Vesci is currently the associate professor in the University of Salerno, Italy. He is also the member of the scientific Committee of the PhD of Management & Information Technology (until 2017) and member of the Scientific Committee of the University Libraries (since 2018).

He hold the PhD in Public Management in the University of Salerno, Italy.

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2015 – : Associate Professor, the University of Salerno, Italy
2005 – 2015: Researcher, the University of Salerno, Italy
2001 – 2004: Researcher/Independent Consultant, the University of Salerno, Italy
1999 – 2000: Assistant Professor, the University of Salerno, Italy