» Nabila Jawadi

Nabila Jawadi

Associate Professor of Information Systems


2008: Ph.D. in Management Science, Paris Dauphine University, Paris.

2002: Master degree in Management Science, Major: Human Resource Management, High Institute of Management of Tunis, Tunisia2000: Graduate Degree in Accounting, High Institute of Accounting of Tunis, Tunisia.

Research Areas

Information System Management, Islamic Finance, Project Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership

Teaching Areas

Information System Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Research Methodology


Email :    n.jawadi@ipag.fr

Phone :  +33 1 5504 1134

Campus: Paris

Nabila JAWADI holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems Management and is a Professor at IPAG Business School, where she teaches Management of Information Systems, Project Management and Research Methodology. Her research focuses on the impacts of digitization on organization management and the users’ behaviors towards digital tools usage in the workplace. Her research experience is in virtual team management including leadership, trust and performance management. She is also interested in alternative finance (Islamic financial market and socially responsible investments). Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Revue Système d’Information and Management, Human Systems Management, and Communication of the Association of Information Systems.

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Since 2011: Assistant Professor in Ipag Business School, Paris

2008-2011: Assistant Professor at Amiens School of Management

2006-2008: Senior Lecturer at Paris West Naterre University

2004-2006: Junior Lecturer at Paris Dauphine University

2002-2003: Junior Consultant at Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies