» Negar Terrany

Negar Terrany

Associate Professor of Management


1991: Ph. D in Political Science, Paris-Dauphine University

1985: M.A. in Political Science, Paris-Dauphine University

1985: M.A. in Production Management, Paris 1 – Sorbonne

1981 – 1984: Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Certificat d’Excellence

Research Areas

Strategy, Corporate Policies, Management Techniques

Teaching Areas

Strategy & Policy, Human Resource Management, Business Communication


Email: n.terrany@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 1 5363 3650

Campus: Paris

Negar Terrany is a graduate of HEC Paris, with a Certificate of Excellence. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Paris-Dauphine and her Master of Production Management from the Sorbonne University. She is responsible for the DBA Doctoral Program and its international development and the tutorial program of all international MBAs at IPAG. She is a Research-Professor in Strategy / Corporate Policies and Management Techniques. After 7 years of consulting experience with the Sema Metra Group and Apple France, she began an academic career at Business Schools in Paris, before joining IPAG in 1995 where she took responsibility for double and triple programs diploma. She has been creating and publishing Educational Cases (Cas Pédagogiques) since 2005, deposited at the CCIP Case Center (Central des Cas).

N. Terrany, F. Teulon, G. Bigot, C. Wang, B. Terrany, Rémunérations toniques ou toxiques? Le cas des PDG, Management et Sciences Sociales, n°21, forthcoming.

N. Terrany, L. Prince, F. Teulon, La Méditerranée: choc ou rendez-vous des civilisations?, Maghreb/ Machrek, n°209, pp. 97-108, 2011.

N. Youssefian, L. Prince, F. Teulon, La Méditerranée: choc ou rendez-vous des civilisations? Les défis sociétaux, 2th Conference, Innovation sociétale et Gouvernance territorial autour de la Méditerranée, Nice, July, 2011.

Recent case studies submitted to CCMP or ECCH:

 N. Terrany, Régime Line (conserve): comment sauver sa marque propre?, CCPM, M1934, 2016.

N. Terrany, La Société HoneyLA, quelles stratégies de développement dans un secteur touché par la crise économique, CCPM, 2013.

N. Terrany, Strategic Development of the Company “Domaine Chateau de Brise, CCMP, ref G1704, 2011.

N. Terrany, Doffice Design. Factors influencing the Quality of the Decision, CCMP, ref G1666, 2010.

N. Terrany, 1 + 1, manager la synergie après la fusion, CCMP, ref H0497, 2007.

N. Terrany, The right man in the right place, CCMP, ref H0484, 2006.

N. Terrany, Fresh Boil. The Decision-Making Process, CCMP, ref H0472, 2005.

Head of Doctorate Program (DBA)

Since 1994: Head of thesis tutorial program, coordination of tutors / student procedures & quality improvement at IPAG Business School, Paris

Consultant. Sema Metra Conseil

Marketing Specialist. Apple France