» Rony Germon

Rony Germon

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship


2013: Ph.D. in Sustainable Development, University of Technology Troyes, France

2009: Master in Engineering and Management, University of Technology Troyes, France

Research Areas

Disadvantage Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Intention, LGBTQ+ entrepreneur, Business Model transformation

Teaching Areas

Management, Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship


Email: : r.germon@ipag.fr
Campus : Paris & Nice

Rony Germon is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at IPAG Business School. He is part of l’IPAG Entrepreneurship & Family Business Center. His researches mainly focus on entrepreneurship issues and especially on disadvantaged entrepreneurs (ethnic minority, LGBTQ+, disabled entrepreneurs, etc.) as well as on the transformation of the business model by technologies (Artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.). He is interested in topics such as entrepreneurial intention and cognitive approach to entrepreneurship. For almost ten years, he has been in charge of innovation, educational and digital transformation of teaching in different types of institutions: business, engineering, or digital schools, as well as pure players in digital learning. Rony is also the author of a series of French-speaking MOOCs on entrepreneurship and crowdfunding.

Maalaoui, Adnane & le Loarne, Séverine & Germon, Rony & Razgallah, Myriam. (2019). The role of sexual orientation in entrepreneurial intention: the case of Parisian LGB People. Journal of Organizational Change Management. ahead-of-print. 10.1108/JOCM-12-2018-0365.

Maalaoui, Adnane & Perez, Charles & Bertrand, Gael & Razgallah, Myriam & Germon, Rony. (2018). “Cruel Intention” or “Entrepreneurship Intention”: What did you expect? An overview of the Entrepreneurship Intention research field – an interaction perspective.

Maalaoui, Adnane & Germon, Rony. (2017). “Entrepreneurial Intention through the Cognitive Psychology Approach: Past, Present and Future Research”: Interview with Prof. Alan Carsrud. Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat. 17. 17. 10.3917/entre.162.0017.

Maalaoui, Adnane & Germon, Rony. (2014). Didier Roche:«les gens différents développent d’extraordinaires compétences». Entreprendre et innover. 20. 78-86. 10.3917/entin.020.0078.

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Since 2019: Dean for Education, Studi, France

2018-2019:  Dean for Digital Pedagogies & Pedagogical Innovation, Pôle Léonard de Vinci (ESILV – EMLV – IIM), France

2014-2017:  Head of Master of Science Data Management, Paris School of Business, France

2015: Strategic Management Course Leader, France