» Rosangela Feola

Rosangela Feola

Affiliate Research Fellow


2006: PhD in Public Management, University of Salerno, Italy

2002: Bachelor in Economics,  University of Salerno, Italy

Research Areas

Entrepreneurship, Humane Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurial Intention

Teaching Areas

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology Innovation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Finance for Innovation
  • Technology Transfer


Email: rfeola@unisa.it

Dr Rosangela Feola, Phd in management, is research fellow of Lisa Lab, a Research Centre whose main topic is on Technology transfer and Academic Entrepreneurship, at the University of Salerno. She is also Technology Transfer Manager for the Technology Transfer Office in the same university.  She is Affiliate Research Fellow at IPAG Business School (Paris, France). Her research interests are mainly related to entrepreneurial university, technology transfer process, entrepreneurial intention and the role of innovative start-ups in emerging sectors. She is member of several research groups and co-authors of several national and international publications on the same subjects.

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Feola R., Vesci M., Botti A., Parente R. (2017). “The Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intention of Young Researchers: Combining the Theory of Planned Behavior with the Triple Helix Model”. Journal of Small Business Management, Print ISSN: 0047-2778 Online ISSN: 1540-627X. doi:10.1111/jsbm.12361.

Feola R. (2017). Science Venturing. Metodologie e strumenti per lo sviluppo di progetti imprenditoriali ad alta tecnologia. vol. CIRPA/14, p. 1-196, ROMA: Aracne Editrice, ISBN: 978-88-255-0924-3, 2017.

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Parente R., Feola R., Petrone M. (2011). “Corporate Governance Models as a bridge for linking academic and non-academic entrepreneurs: the case of Italian spin-offs”. Industry and Higher Education, Vol. 25, N. 2, pp. 119-131, ISSN: 0950-422.

Since 2017: Technology Transfer Manager at the Technology Transfer Office of University of Salerno.

Since 2011: Research Fellow Lisa Lab/Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab University of Salerno.

Since 2006: Lecturer for undergraduate courses (Entrepreneurship, Technology Start-up).

Since 2005:  Lecturer for PhD and Master courses.

Since 2002: Tutor and teaching assistant for undergraduate courses of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.