» Stefania Masè

Stefania Masè

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Communication


2015: Ph.D., Management and Accounting & Commerce International et Europe
2010: Master’s degree in Advertising and Corporate Communication
2009: Post Graduate Course in International Trade
2007: Professional qualification in dynamic web solutions

Research Areas

Marketing, Branding, Art & Business, Luxury Industry

Teaching Areas

Marketing, International Management, Web Marketing and Brand metrics, Integrated Marketing Communication


Email: stefania.mase@ipag.fr
Campus: Nice

Stefania Masè is Assistant Professor of Marketing at IPAG Business School in Nice. Formerly, she was lecturer at the IAE Pau-Bayonne and visiting professor at University of Macerata, Italy. She received a double Ph.D. in Management & Accounting and International Commerce from the University of Macerata (Italy) and Sorbonne University (France).

Her current research interests include luxury goods, consumer behavior, and management of culture and the arts. She published in international journals and books and attended several conferences such as the Monaco Symposium on Luxury and the European Marketing Association Conference.

Masè, S., Cedrola, E. & Cohen-Cheminet, G. (2018).  “Is Artification Perceived by Consumers of Luxury Products? The Research Relevance of a Customer-Based Brand Equity Model”. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing 9 (3), 223 – 236.

Cedrola, E., Fantini, G. & Masé, S. (2018). “Cultural distances, linguistic differences, and marketing: what challenges?” in Linguistica e comunicazione d’impresa. Eum: Macerata.

Masè, S. & Cohen-Cheminet, G. (2018). “From Art to Daily Life: Repetto, a Paris-Based Craft Enterprise Growing into a Global Brand Based on Meaning- Driven Innovation.” Ed. by Jin, B. & Cedrola, E. (2018) Fashion Brand Internationalization. Palgrave MacMillan: UK; (ISBN 978-1-137-52348-8).

Masè, S.  & Cedrola, E. (2017). “Louis Vuitton’s Art-Based Strategy to Communicate Exclusivity and Prestige.” Ed. by Jin, B. & Cedrola, E. (2017) Fashion Brand Internationalization. Palgrave MacMillan: UK; (ISBN 978-1-137-52342-6).

Cedrola, E., Cohen-Cheminet, G. & Masè, S. (2017). “Is the artification process perceived by final consumers of luxury products? Results from an experiment based on the application of the Customer-based Brand Equity Model.” Conference SIMktg- GAMMA Joint Symposium, 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference in Vienna.

Masè, S. & Cedrola, E. (2015). “Ar(Re)tailing: Retailers new art galleries?” in J. C. Andreani. Proceedings of the 14th International Congress Marketing Trends; Parigi, ESCP Europe; pp. 1 – 15 (ISBN: 9782953281125);

Cedrola, E., Masè, S. & Cohen-Cheminet, G. (2015). “Le aziende del lusso a sostegno dell’arte: una visione strategica della relazione arte e impresa.” in Società Italiana di Marketing Il Marketing al servizio delle città. Beni culturali e rivitalizzazione urbana; Roma, Società Italiana di Marketing; pp. 1 – 6 (ISBN: 9788890766244);

Cedrola, E. & Masè, S. (2015). The Italian Network Contract of “Polo Alta Moda Area Vestina”: From a Territorial Net to a System of Excellences”, Ed. by Bonazzi, M. & Di Simone, V. Redesigning worldwide connections, 1; Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing; pp. 61 – 76 (ISBN: 9781443883801).

Cedrola, E. & Masè, S. (2014). “La vocazione territoriale tra approccio sistemico e situazionista: analisi di una collaborazione culture driven tra aziende del made in Italy attraverso il caso del Contratto di Rete Polo Alta Moda Area Vestina“, Il Capitale Culturale, 10; Macerata, EUM; pp. 585 – 612 (ISSN: 2039-2362).

2018: Assistant Professor of Marketing at IPAG Nice, France
2016 – 2018: Lecturer at IAE Bayonne, Pau University, France
2016 – 2018: Contract Professor at University of Macerata, Italy