» Thai Ha Le

Thai Ha Le

Affiliate Research Fellow


2013 – 2014:  Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching & Learning, RMIT, Australia

2010 – 2012:  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics, NTU, Singapore

2006 – 2009:  Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Economics, NTU, Singapore

Research Areas

Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Economics

Teaching Areas

Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics


Email: th.le@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris, Nice

Dr. Thai-Ha Le is a Senior Lecturer in economics at RMIT University, Vietnam. She holds Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and PhD in Economics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore where she completed her PhD study within two years. Her primary research fields include Energy Economics, Environmental Economics and Applied Economics. Dr. Le is an active researcher with publishing more than 15 scholarly research articles in journals such as Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, Resources Policy, Applied Economics, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. She has consulted for Asian Development Bank Headquarters. Besides, Dr. Le is a recipient of multiple competitive research grants and fellowships.

Le, Thai-Ha & Binh, Tran-Nam, “Relative Costs and FDI: Why did Vietnam forge so far ahead?”, Economic Analysis and Policy (Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Rank: B), In Press.

Baulch, Bob, Do, Duong & Le, Thai-Ha, “Solar Home Systems in Ho Chi Minh City: A promising technology whose time has not yet come”, Renewable Energy (Scopus Quartile: Q1), 118(C), 245-256.

Le, Thai-Ha & Binh, Tran-Nam, “Trade liberalization, financial modernization and economic development: An empirical evidence from Asia-Pacific countries”, Research in Economics (ABDC Rank: B), In Press.

Le, Thai-Ha, “Economic distance and the flows of trade and foreign direct investment”, Cogent Economics & Finance (ABDC Rank: B), 5(1), 1403108.

Le, Thai-Ha, Park, Donghyun, Tran, Khanh & Binh Tran-Nam, “The impact of the Haiyangshiyou 981 event on Vietnam’s stock markets”, Journal of Emerging Market Finance (ABDC Rank: B), Accepted, Forthcoming.

Le, Thai-Ha, Chang, Youngho & Park, Donghyun, 2017, “Energy demand convergence in APEC: an empirical analysis”, Energy Economics (ABDC Rank: A*), 65(C), 32-41.

Le, Thai-Ha & Chang, Youngho, 2016, “Dynamics between strategic commodities and financial variables:  Evidence from Japan”, Resources Policy (Scopus Quartile: Q1), 50(C), 1-9 (Lead Article).

Le, Thai-Ha, Chang, Youngho & Park, Donghyun, 2016, “Trade openness and environmental quality: International evidence”, Energy Policy (ABDC Rank: A), 92, 45-55.

Le, Thai-Ha, 2016, “Dynamics between energy, output, openness, and financial development: Evidence from Sub-Saharan African countries”, Applied Economics (ABDC Rank: A), 48(10), 914-933.

Le, Thai-Ha, Kim, Jungsuk & Lee, Min Soo, 2015, “Institutional Quality, Trade Openness, and Financial Sector Development in Asia: An Empirical Investigation”, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade (ABDC Rank: B), 52 (5), 1047-1059.

Since 2015: Senior Lecturer & Course Coordinator, RMIT University, Vietnam

2013 – 2015: Lecturer & Course Coordinator, RMIT University, Vietnam

2011 – 2012: Economics Instructor, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

2008 – 2009: President Research Scholar (By-invitation-only position), Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA), NTU, Singapore