» Tri Vo Dinh

Tri Vo Dinh

Assistant Professor of Finance


2016: Ph.D. in Management Sciences, Evry and Paris-Saclay University

2010: Master in Management, CNAM-Paris

Research Areas

Risk management, Insurance business, Financial markets

Teaching Areas

Corporate Finance, Corporate governance, Firm performance


Email: tri.vo@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris

Dinh Tri Vo is an Assistant Professor at IPAG Business School, Paris. He received his Master of Science in    Management from the CNAM and his Ph.D. degree in Management Science(Finance & Insurance) from Paris Saclay University, France. He teaches finance and banking courses such as Financial Analysis, Financial Markets, and Global Banking and Financial Regulation, in both the “Grande Ecole” and dual degree programs (IPAGGreenwich MSc. International Banking and Finance). His main research interests are insurance markets, impact investing, and sustainable finance. Besides teaching and research, he has consulting activities and publishes commentaries in some magazines and newspapers.

Dinh-Tri VO, 2016. “Determinants of ERM adoption in the insurance industry: the case of EU market,”. Working paper.

Dinh-Tri VO, 2016. “ERM adoption and financial performance of the EU insurance firms,”. Working paper.

Dinh-Tri VO, 2016. “Financial vulnerability of insurance firms within the ERM framework: the case of EU market”. Working paper.

How can we insure natural disasters in Vietnam (Economic Development Review, 2007, VN) Life insurance in Vietnam – Towards the future (Economic Development Review, 2007, VN) Promoting Unit-Linked Insurance in Vietnam (Economic Development Review, 2007, VN)

Vietnamese insurance market in the first years of integration (Conference “Impacts of WTO on Vietnam’s economy” organized by University of Economics HCMC, 2007)

How to apply bonus-malus system on third party automobile insurance (Conference organized by Vietnamese Insurers Association, 2007).

Principles and Practice of Insurance (co-author, Financial Publishing House, 2007, VN)

2016: Lecturer, IPAG Business School

2007-2008: Trainer for HSBC (Vietnam), BaoViet, Petro Vietnam Insurance, Ministry of Finance of Vietnam and ANZIIF (The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance)

2003-2006: Lecturer/trainer at BaoViet Holdings