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IPAG Business School offers an entrepreneurial ecosystem based on teaching, research and valorization. These three pillars interact and provide complementarity between the business and academic ecosystems. The student is therefore immersed in an environment which is underpinned by scientific research and business practice. Via this practical aspect, we propose weekend challenges as well as The Hackaton to the students in order to test their theoretical knowledge.

The implementation of the 360 ° strategy’ global prize, involving all students and professors ensures this continuity. For students wishing to embark on the entrepreneurial experience, an incubator called “The Engaged Incubator” is available. Coaches and mentors are available for the student entrepreneurs. The status of “student entrepreneur” has also been set up with PEPITE France.

One of our school’s values is engagement reflected via student and professor involvement in social and solidarity projects. For example, the research chair “Engaged and e-Entrepreneurship,” through ERASMUS + European projects, supports disadvantaged entrepreneurs such as prisoners and seniors. These projects feed the research output of the chair and serve as areas for scientific investigation. Moreover, the students are involved through their research essay in an entrepreneurship context at the end of the program dissertation

Finally, international workshops and conferences are organized every year, mobilizing renowned entrepreneurship researchers who promote and communicate our scientific commitment.

The Team

Andrea Calabrò

Full Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship


Brahim Gaies

Lecturer in Financial Economics


Julia Vincent-Ponroy

Assistant Professor of Management


Adnane Maalaoui

Full Professor of Entrepreneurship


Vincent Dutot

Assistant Professor of Information Systems


Main activities

• Fundraising through Erasmus+ and EU programs
• Research on SME, Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation
• Development of pedagogical innovative tools for disadvantage entrepreneurs
• EPEP: Entrepreneurship for prisoners
• MIETP: Methodology for Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Teams Promotion
• “The Engaged Incubator”: support student and alumni on their start-up project

Publications and academic recognition

  • Maalaoui, A., Razgallah, M., Picard, S., & Leloarne-Lemaire, S. (2019). From Hell To… An Entrepreneurial Life: An Iranian Refugee in France. In Refugee Entrepreneurship (pp. 163-173). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.
  • Kraus, S., Kallmuenzer, A., Stieger, D., Peters, M., & Calabrò, A. (2018). Entrepreneurial paths to family firm performance. Journal of Business Research, 88, 382-387.
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  • Best Paper Award, Global entrepreneurship conference, Salerno university, 4-5th, October 2018.

Paper: How “Benjamin Button” & Subjective Age … Fighting Time? Effect of rejuvenating trend on entrepreneurial Intention among elderly, Adnane Maalaoui, Imen Safraou and Judith Partouche.


Paper: Elderly and entrepreneurial intention: Exploring the moderator effect of posterity, Adnane Maalaoui, Erno Tornikoski, Imen Safraou and Judith Partouche

Journal Special Sssues

Guest Editors:

Adnane Maâlaoui, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, IPAG Business School, France

Vanessa Ratten, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, La Trobe University, Australia

Alan Carsrud, Visiting Research Professor of Entrepreneurship, ÅboAkademi University, Finland

Malin Brännback, Chair of International Business, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Sibylle Heilbrunn, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Kinneret Academic College, Israel

Guest Editor:

Adnane Maâlaoui, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, IPAG Business School, France

Guest Editors:

Adnane Maalaoui, IPAG Business School, France

Mustafa Ozbilgin, Brunel University, UK

Tania Saba, University of Montreal, Canada

Erhan Aydin, Usak University, Turkey

Sponsor & Donor

It is intended that the Entrepreneurship & SME Institute is financed through private donations and research funding which are invested in supporting teaching, research and valorization related to entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovation.




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